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QA testing is one of the most important processes used in developing MVPs. Certainly, it allows you to deliver high-quality software to customers. Further, it can prevent and fix errors during expected functioning.

Despite QA engineers being asked to test products before their launch, the reality is that they are needed in each phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). With this in mind, clients avoid excessive expenses and delays during the final stages of product development.

In the Tech Webinar: Intro to QA! How does it fit within the SDLC?, our instructor Pavel, Quality Assurance Engineer at Advancio, taught us the basics and phases of the software development life cycle and testing within a QA team. The webinar also covered the importance of the quality assurance process in a project. Watch it here to laern more about the most famous bugs in software history!

Topics We Covered in This Webinar about QA

  • 0:13 Introduction
  • 4:05 What Is the Software Development Life Cycle?
  • 4:35 What Are the Phases of the Software Development Life Cycle?
  • 8:06 What Is Quality Assurance in SDLC?
  • 8:47 What Is the Role of a Quality Assurance Engineer in Project Development?
  • 11:39 What Specialists Make a Quality Assurance Team
  • 13:24 Responsibilities of QA Team
  • 15:46 Types of quality assurance testing
  • 16:43 What Is the Importance of the Quality Assurance Process?
  • 19:04 Some of the most famous bugs in software history
  • 22:56 Q&A Session
  • 23:35 Q&A: What type of profiles are good for being a QA?
  • 24:38 Q&A: What are the consequences of not including quality assurance in the process?
  • 26:18 Q&A: Are there multiple strategies for quality assurance testing?
  • 27:03 Q&A: What are the benefits of having quality assurance on the SDLC?
  • 28:20 Q&A: When to use manual testing or automation testing, or both? Which one is better?
  • 29:42 Q&A: For testing mobile apps, do you have multiple smartphones? How do you set the parameters during the planning?
  • 30:53 Q&A: Could the development team perform a quality assurance in the project?
  • 32:24 Q&A: Do you have any personal advice of what juniors can start learning from now to become a good QA engineer?
  • 34:11 Outro

If you want to start your career as QA, make sure to check our Quality Assurance Guide Part 1 and Part 2 to keep learning. So, check here and apply for our remote jobs for QA engineers!

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