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We are excited to announce that Advancio will be hosting an amazing online talk about virtual agents and AI chatbots for the Insurance Industry. Now that everybody is closing in their Q4, looking back on last year’s sales rate and setting new goals for 2022, we invite you to learn how you can improve your customer service.

You know it’s time to automate some of your processes. So, let’s take a step in the right direction and make it easy peasy!

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A New Approach to the Insurance Industry Pain Points

The key for a successful company in the insurance industry is customer service. Consequently, insurance customers tend to be need-based consumers, only engaged if they require a specific product or face claim follow up situations. For the same reason, timing and providing the right information become essential for a successful customer service.

Nobody likes following up on claims, especially if their team is busy reaching out to other customers. But what if we get a bit of help while increasing sales + having great customer service? In short, learn how to tackle this effectively without increasing your payroll and using the latest tech.

Join us this December 9th, 2021 at 5:00 PM PST in our live talk Make Customer Service Your Competitive Advantage in 2022, where our CEO and Founder, Karim Jernite and Bill Schwaab, VP of North America at will share all the insights Virtual Agents have to offer to the Insurance Industry.

About Advancio and, Tech Companies for the Insurance Industry

Advancio is a software development and IT consulting company based in beautiful Los Angeles, California. Powered by uniquely talented individuals with a passion for problem-solving with IT solutions, they can either develop your project or IT match you with the perfect tech talent. is a Scandinavian software company that specializes in conversational artificial intelligence (AI). With tireless dedication to machine learning, they have developed the world’s most complete software for building, implementing and operating digital advisors powered by our market-leading conversational AI.

Check the Talk Here

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