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Cybersecurity and data protection have been topics under the magnifying glass in recent years. Thus, there are current challenges on governmental rules, control governance, data migration, legacy systems, and upcoming trends to address. Cloud computing has emerged as a solution to tackle these pain points.

In addition, cloud services deliver new ways to access data and use it to improve your business’ products and services. These are related areas include storage, databases, and analytics to not only impact on business software effectiveness, but also in cost reductions. Lastly, cloud services further provide you with competitive advantage in terms of agility and productivity. Don’t you believe us?

Watch this Webinar about Cloud Computing

This April, Raymundo Castro, DevOps at Advancio, was invited to talk about cloud computing: what is it? Its benefits, trends, integration with tech stacks, DevOps, and virtualization. As one of the most popular SaaS platforms nowadays, Microsoft Azure was on the top of the table. These services expands the perspective about the usage and advantages of this platform for different purposes.

Stay tuned to learn more about cloud storage, SDLC environments, and more basic tech knowledge in our Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure highlight!

Advancio, a US-based company provider of global tech talent that offers outsourced IT support for different challenges. Consequently, these include data migration, modernization of legacy systems, and more IT solutions for your business. Surely, make us your partner and we help you scale your operations from now on!

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