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Hire Worldwide with Advancio

Location shouldn’t be an issue for hiring your ideal candidate, simplify the process with International PEO.

Growing Globally through Global Hiring

Our team operates in most Latin America and Africa, so you don’t need to spend months or even years working with attorneys, banks, and other advisors to get international talent up and running. With Advancio, it’s only a matter of days.

As your legal Employer of Record, we utilize our global infrastructure to hire and pay your supported employees. You maintain day-to-day control of your team, while we manage payroll, benefits, risk mitigation, compliance, and ongoing employee support so you won’t have to handle any of the legal, tax, or HR burdens that come with location.


years in business

serving multiple industries to scale through talent


cost savings

on payroll processing, tax compliance, and other admin tasks


employee satisfaction rate

with payroll and benefits administration handled by a PEO


reduction in time

spent on setting up a legal entity in a new country

What We Do

Perks of International PEO

Our End-to

Get top talent anywhere – with or without a local entity
Collect, track, manage, and verify payroll data instantly
Expand your workforce globally in as little as 48 hours
Make cross-border payments in over 140 countries

How It



Master Service Level Agreement Signed


Local employment contracts put in place


Consolidated monthly invoice issued to client


Client provides one month notice at the end of the project


Process final payroll and process offboarding

Supported Countries


Capital City: Rabat
Currency: Moroccan dirham
Population Size: 36.91 million
Language Spoken: Arabic


Capital City: Mexico City
Currency: Mexican Peso
Population Size: 128.9 million
Language Spoken: Spanish


Capital City: Bogotá
Currency: Colombian peso
Population Size: 50.88 million
Language Spoken: Spanish


Will you pay/deduct taxes from the supported employee's payroll?

Yes, we withhold individual taxes monthly and follow all local tax laws in their region.

Do you assist with paying the necessary contributions in-country?

Our monthly invoices also include “employer burden”— these are mandatory taxes and other payments that are required by local governments for employers to pay into social security and other public programs.

Our team of local experts maintains up-to-date information on the payment schemes in each country, calculates the amounts due based on the supported employee’s salary, and provides a detailed breakdown in your invoice.

Who should use Global Employer of Record?

Global Employer of Record benefits organizations of various sizes and sectors. However, it is particularly valuable to companies that:

  • Are unsure if they will be in the market for five or more years
  • Have international headcounts between one and 20 supported employees
  • Cannot delay their hiring timelines and need to be operational in new markets quickly
  • Do not have the extensive financial and internal resources required for global expansion
  • Require a bridged solution between an acquisition close date and entity readiness

Will a Global Employer of Record provider hire candidates for me?

Yes, we use locally compliant employment contracts to hire new members of your global team and become their legal Employer of Record (EOR).

Do you charge fees for offboarding?

No, there are no fees for termination. However, we do require 30 days’ notice to offboard any client. Please keep in mind that the statutory notice period for the supported employee in a given country may be longer than 30 days by law. Some countries have unique mandatory severance periods and payouts, which our team helps you navigate.

If you must offboard a worker, we ensure compliance with local severance requirements and termination regulations. Whether it is voluntary or involuntary, we assist our clients through the country-specific nuances to ensure a smooth separation.

Do you broker a deal with local partners, or are you involved through the entire Global Employer of Record Process?

Each of our clients and supported employees rely on our global network of experts, which allows us to manage and control our customers’ experience. We provide our clients and supported employees with a designated Client Account Manager and Delivery Manager to act as a time zone, cultural, and language-appropriate contact.

Advancio’s regional teams remain up-to-date with any local employment law changes and perform quarterly reviews to ensure accuracy and compliance with these laws.

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