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It’s no surprise that software development is one of the most demanding careers and one of the fastest-growing industries globally. Even during the COVID pandemic and lots of people losing their jobs, businesses closing, and companies fighting to survive, most software development engineers kept their jobs, adapting to working from home under distributed project management models. Working at home was common for some of the companies that implemented this working model as a benefit before the sanitary restrictions. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), demand for software developers is projected to grow by 22% by 2029. These projections make a lot of sense analyzing the growing demand for more sophisticated applications and services available on multiple platforms. There is a whole new generation of digital customers who use their phones and computers for almost everything: socializing, making decisions, buying groceries, paying their bills, asking for loans, contracting an insurance policy, or managing their banking account. That forces traditional companies to a digital transformation and migrate to the digital world to maintain their customers’ loyalty.

Hire Developers Specialized in .NET

.Net Is More Relevant Than Ever

Even when there are many different development tools on the market, and some have attractive functionalities and standards when deciding on the best option to build a business solution propelled by technology, Microsoft .NET is still the correct answer. The first version of this development framework was released in 2002, originally designed to work exclusively in Windows environments. It is currently available for download on Windows devices. Microsoft has invested 20 years of development, research, and improvements involving highly experienced professionals worldwide to create a high-performance and reliable development framework. It has evolved and adapted to new demands, becoming a very popular and well-known open-source development platform, widely used by companies to create their own business applications. .NET is more relevant than ever, renewing its image, offering a vast collection of libraries, supporting multiple languages, and giving the option to build high-performance cross-platform apps at different scales.

Why do Developers like to Use .Net to Build Software?

There are plenty of reasons why developers prefer .NET over other technologies. One is the extensive adoption of the Microsoft framework by multiple industries of different sizes during its two decades of existence. In fact, there are a very large number of applications, developed for both old and new .NET versions in companies all around the globe. That means a lot of opportunities for developers with .NET experience, plus a long career path inside the companies they decide to work for. Software development is not a one-time task; there are always new requirements, new functionalities, enhancements, integrations with other technologies, and support.
Another reason is the flexibility that it offers to work with an object-oriented programming language, and the easiness to learn from a very intuitive interface. Perhaps the most significant one is the access to an enormous global community of developers and companies collaborating, contributing, and providing answers to common problems, so starting this journey is faster and easier in comparison to other technologies. These factors, plus the code reusability and access to such an essential set of libraries, make .NET a very desired framework for developers.

What Capabilities Does a Specialized .Net Developer Must Have?

To be considered a specialized .NET developer, the most important characteristic is their experience in projects, applying best practices, and following Microsoft’s guidelines. Microsoft certifications are the best way to acquire that professional knowledge and ensure reliable and high-performance solutions. These are some of the expected skills:

  • An engineer must have excellent written and verbal communication skills to facilitate communication with their teammates, the customer’s teams, and all the people involved in the project.
  • The developer must be a great listener and be willing to ask questions to get a complete understanding of the customer’s needs and provide clear answers, on a technical and a business level.
  • Problem-solving skills, flexibility, and adaptability are essential during any implementation or when developing a solution.
  • Willingness to work with different tools and interact with other profiles to build collaborative environments is part of their software skills.
  • They can refactor and adapt existing code based on their understanding of the framework and their professional experiences.
  • They have database skills that help them structure their solutions and communicate their needs to database experts.
  • Often, they know how to program in other languages, making it easier to rebuild or integrate pieces developed in other frameworks.

What Are the Benefits of Using .Net As a Development Platform for a Company?

After almost 20 years of maturing, Microsoft is relevant and tremendously popular, primarily in the corporate environment, due to the stability, scalability, and security that it offers. For Microsoft, security is a top priority, releasing updates as soon as they detect any risk or vulnerability, creating a highly reliable framework to protect users from malicious attacks. High performance is another great advantage offered through an optimized framework that provides really fast response times without needing tons of resources. All this in a unified ecosystem that allows building any application for any platform, from mobile devices to corporate infrastructure or the cloud.

Final Thoughts

Get the basics of what .NET can offer as a widely used development platform and what to pay attention to when hiring the right people to build a project. The great adoption of .NET frameworks by developers and companies is due to their proven reliability, great performance, flexibility, and access to a very skilled pool of professionals experienced in developing business solutions ready to cover the demands of a more digital customer, who is looking for the best experience when accessing our web pages, using our mobile apps, or wants to feel confident that their information is safe. A great platform implemented by certified professionals is the perfect recipe for a happy customer and a thriving business.

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