What is People Technology (PeopleTech)?

By Peter Tang

What is People Technology (PeopleTech, People Tech) and why should you care about it? Let’s first take a step back and start with terms that you might be familiar with. You’ve probably heard of FinTech (Financial Technology) already, which represents the amalgamation between the financial industry and innovative technology. Likewise, the term InsurTech (Insurance Technology) is about the internal uprooting of the extremely old fashioned and traditional insurance industry by new disruptive technology.

PeopleTech (People Technology) more or less follows the same formula. On one hand, you have the same common denominator of disruptive new technology, hence the ‘tech’ suffixes. On the other hand, you have a unique element not present in FinTech (Financial Technology), InsurTech (Insurance Technology), or any of the other ‘techs’. PeopleTech (People Technology) symbolizes the marriage between new tech and humans in a way that has never been seen before or emphasized until recent years.

The focus of PeopleTech (People Technology) is to provide and enhance humans with the best technology tools and resources possible so that they can excel at their jobs, tasks, and assignments in ways that sound like a 1950’s sci-fi movie. The essence of what PeopleTech (People Technology) is about is augmenting people for success at work. It’s conceptually like the physical augmentations that you see in movies like Blade Runner or RoboCop,  designed and implemented to help people be efficient and excel at everything that they do.

With technological improvements accelerating at extreme rates, it was only a matter of time before PeopleTech (People Technology) became a hot trending topic. The underlying theme of FinTech, InsurTech, and all the other “Techs” is the emphasis on scaling on demand, growth,  and scalability either horizontally or vertically to meet market or industry demands. Cloud solutions are able to provide this scalability with ease.

The need to augment a person’s skills, tools, and resources with technology is now more noticeable. Companies like Amazon are now hiring positions specifically for PeopleTech (People Technology). In fact, they have a division in their company called the People Technology team On their website, is a passage that paints a great picture of the importance of PeopleTech.

“How can machine learning help candidates who will thrive at Amazon find the right role? How can [Amazon] effortlessly onboard and schedule attendance for hundreds of thousands of associates a day? How do we enable Amazon to innovate, scale and push the boundaries of what is possible?”

PeopleTech (People Technology) will be used to help Amazon employees find their place in the company so that motivation, talent, and ideas don’t go to waste. Amazon is a company with over 500,000 employees globally and is rapidly expanding. Surely technology can be of assistance somewhere right?

It’s incredibly powerful to read that Amazon aims to use PeopleTech (People Technology) in an effort to better the internal flow of the organization from the top down and provide the best opportunities internally. From this, you can see that PeopleTech (People Technology) starts at the top of the organization from the moment a company has the idea to recruit more employees.

Technology is used to find and evaluate all potential candidates, providing recruiters and HR representatives with the right tools to perform their jobs. The last sentence from the passage on Amazon’s recruitment page embodies PeopleTech (People Technology) perfectly. It presents a question that is changing companies as we speak. How can a company innovate, scale, and push the boundaries of what is possible? The answer is PeopleTech.


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