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The Importance of
Company Culture

When: December 1st, 2022
Time: 5:00 PM PST
Where: Online Webinar

company culture
company culture

About Our Webinar

Does organizational culture and the technology industry have anything to do with it? In such a changing environment it can be easy to migrate jobs, but a company with an interest in building a career for its talent is one where you should definitely work to have more benefits.

Learn in the upcoming Advancio Tech Webinar, our online educational series why working in a company with a strong culture really marks a difference.


Who Is This For? 

Tech professionals interested in learning more about their company benefits. 

About Our Instructor

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IT Recruiter at Advancio with extensive experience in communication and building strong connections between people while bringing quality talent to the Advancio team.

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Innovating is
how you stay


  1. What is culture and what is its importance?
  2. Types of Culture
  3. Evolution of the culture in IT Companies
  4. Why IT is the most advanced on the subject
  5. Benefits of having a healthy culture
  6. Open Mic for Q&As

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