Tech Industry Link Roundup: February 6th

By Cesar Contreras

Welcome to the first of many tech roundups! This is where we’ll gather some of the best articles of the week covering a range of topics relating to Custom Software, Cloud Computing, Tech World, Outsourcing, and Software Quality Assurance.

Custom Software Development

How Soft Skills Can Skyrocket Your Software Development Career

To get ahead of the curve in the realm of software development, there are a number of key skills that you should possess. This article details how soft skills that go hand in hand with a deep technical background can help you rise as a professional in today’s fiercely competitive environment.

Cloud Computing

Google’s Cloud Firestore NoSQL Database Hits General Availability

This article shares how Google made its serverless NoSQL database for mobile, web and IoT apps available to the general public. You will now be able to run your databases in a single region.

Tech World

No Secrets: Musk Releases All Tesla Patents To Help Fight Climate Change, Save The Earth

Elon Musk announced last Thursday that he had released all of the electric carmaker Tesla’s patents as part of an effort to fight climate change. Even though this was already something being done some years ago, this time the focus is specifically on combating climate change.


Heading Into 2019: Top Three CX Trends For Latin America

This article presents us with three tech trends in an ever-changing business environment. The constant evolution of the tech industry now extends to an area with constant change. The author explains what we can expect to see and how it will affect companies working in this field.

Quality Assurance

DevTest Scales Out In the Cloud For 2019

The author explains what Dev Test is and the persistent acceleration and maturation of Development and Test. The article focuses on how these practices have become so inherent to the tech industry that the role is now crucial.

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