Software Development Skills in Mexico

Software Development in Mexico Part 2 – Development Skills

Development in Mexico has come a long way. It began with the need for trained professionals and stepping away from the full outsourcing business model. Now that the industry has matured is well known that Mexican development skills are able to compete on a global scale.


Mexicans are warm by nature; they greet people with open arms. This translates to their software development skills and their softs skills set. For the technical skills, Mexican have made themselves versatile and resourceful taking the outsourcing background and making them one of their main strengths.

The tech industry is in constant evolution. To keep up with these trend pros tend to highly concentrate on these key skills:

Technical Skills

  1. Programming and Coding:  The requirements for a programmer on today’s day and age vary from project to project. Like all over the world the programming languages from one professional to another tends to change with their area of expertise. And writing code is a must for the majority of development professionals. Some programming languages you can count in a Mexican Developer are:
  1. QA Testing: One of the key remnants of the full outsource era of Mexican development. People got so good at identifying and solving software issues that almost every Mexican developer understands testing and debugging best practices and practices in order to step in whenever co-workers need help.
  2. Mobile: In an unexpected turn of events, Mexicans became really good at developing mobile apps, in part thanks to the huge advances made from moving into a nearshore direction.
  3. AI: The newest inclusion in the list of technical skills of Mexican developers is also the most debatable. Some will say that the countries developers are not that good and that the abilities and industry are still maturing. The truth is pros in Mexico are rapidly adopting the trend and universities all over the country are preparing a new generation of engineers with the sole focus of tackling Artificial Intelligence problems.

Soft Skills

  1. Problem Solvers: With all the countries pros and cons, solving problems became an everyday task for anyone living in Mexico. The ability to identify and adapt problems is a must.
  2. Communicators: Clear and to the point. Developers can make you understand everything and sprinkle it with a bit of humor in the right situation. Overall Mexicans are used to speak two to three languages, and to use many different media to communicate both written and verbal.
  3. Creative: There is no task that doesn’t have a bit of creativity when you work with Mexicans. Ask them for their angle when you have the time and they’ll point something out.
  4. Curious: Due to the nature of development this is must have soft skill.  But Mexicans tend to go very deep into all topics they are passionate about. Ask a developer what they think is different and they will tell you what they found without you having to request it in the first place.


Mexico is getting ready for the next wave of tech trends. Nowadays, the focus is on making successful software that helps people access to technology easier. Mexico goal of training software engineers and acquiring new computer programs is an ever-evolving process to keep up with the world tech advances.  Stay tuned for the third part of Software Development in Mexico as we keep learning about what Mexico can offer you.


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