Get To Know The Salesforce Lightning Experience

Salesforce, the #1 Customer Relationship Management, maintains its supremacy with the help of the Lightning Experience by bringing a modern user interface that helps your sales rep sell faster and your service reps support customers more productively. The name comes from Salesforce’s goal to bring the user lightning fast results in sales and support.

Salesforce Enhanced User Interface

The power behind the Lightning Experience comes from its many iterations. Over the past 16 years, Salesforce has focused its efforts on creating a solid platform interface that provides a smooth and seamless user experience to give the end users the ability to minimize the amount of coding needed to implement simple interactions in the platform. With Lightning, you gain better user experience, technical infrastructure, API’s, tools, documentation, and much more.

The History and Objective Behind The Lightning Experience

Lightning is just one of many different Salesforce versions that are active. The Lightning Experience includes many features and entirely redesigned pages. Although Salesforce has migrated most of their systems to the Lightning Experience, you can still find two different variations of the same great product.

Classic Salesforce: Also called the Salesforce Experience, this is the original version of the platform. This version was created to enable you to control your user’s data and project management in such a way that you only had to set up one and as such you acquired access to the interface, making your control really easy to manage across your sales rep’s activities.

The Salesforce versions that run or previous ran on this system are:

  • Personal Edition
  • Contact Manager Edition
  • Edition
  • Edition

Lightning Enhanced Salesforce: What more can be said about this Salesforce variation? With a sales-centric mindset, this new, fast, and beautiful user experience from Salesforce focuses on reinventing the desktop environment. The result of this new platform is an intuitive, intelligent interface that helps sales reps work more naturally and close leads and deals faster.

The Lightning Experience comes by default with every Salesforce license. Some other editions that you can find are:

  • Group Edition
  • Essentials Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Performance Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Developer Edition

Features of the Lightning Experience

Salesforce, already possessing many different features that have evolved during its life cycle, was added with even more powerful additions and enhancements by the Salesforce developers. The release of the Lightning Experience. The most important and key features you gain access to from the Lightning Experience are:


From this page, you are treated with an intelligent page filled with insights, a slick performance chart, and a helpful assistant feature that highlights what’s most important for each day. The Lightning Experience user interface enhances your homepage with:

  •         Performance Chart
  •         Assistant
  •         News
  •         Key Deals

Accounts and Contacts

Sales and service reps get a layout designed to help find the necessary information at lightning speeds. Key features of the Lightning Experience to help facilitate these actions are as follow:

  •         News
  •         Path
  •         Activity timeline
  •         Account Logos
  •         Automated Account Fields
  •         Notes
  •         Reference Page Layout

Opportunities and Leads

Sales reps in Lightning Experience will find a turbo-charged workspace for managing opportunities and leads. View related information under ‘Quick View’. Create tasks and events, log calls, and send emails, and track all those activities from the ‘Activity Timeline’. The difference from previous Salesforce versions are in the key features below:

  •         Workspace Page Layout
  •         Activity Timeline
  •         Path
  •         News
  •         Notes

Kanban View

Sales reps can use the Kanban view, an intuitive visualization tool, to review deals organized during each stage of the sales pipeline. With drag-and-drop functionality, sales reps can move deals from one stage to another seamlessly and receive personalized alerts on key deals with relative quickness. This is a Lightning-only set of features that allows your teams to control each part of the backlog and client interactions. The features are summarized as:

  •         Charts
  •         Drag and drop
  •         Intelligent Alerts
  •         Type-Ahead List View Search
  •         Sharing Settings

Collaborative Forecasts

  •         Product and schedule date forecasts (for the opportunity revenue and quantity forecast types)
  •         Territory forecasts.
  •         Forecasts sharing.
  •         Choose the product families to forecast on and the order they appear in (from Setup, if product family forecasts is selected)
  •         Forecasts grid organized first by period, product family, and then the user to show product family forecast totals.
  •         Forecasts grid expansion remains the same during each session.
  •         Timestamp showing refresh time and date.
  •         All-zero rows hidden for all forecast types.
  •         Adjust your own product family forecasts.

Why Use Salesforce Lightning Experience?

Here’s the short answer: it just makes everyone’s life easier. The foundation of the Salesforce platform, the database, object model, APEX, SOQL, and web services are all very powerful tools when used correctly. Right now, the best tip Salesforce and the Lightning Experience is to use it when your business is fairly new, or just starting off fresh. While your company is still ironing out the creases and working towards customization and implementation, there will be no users, developers, or system admins constraints. If your company isn’t using Salesforce or the Lightning Experience, you might be missing out.

If you’ll like to know more about Lightning experience don’t doubt contact us.

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