Holiday Season Is Coming.

The melancholy of autumn is passing. The coming weeks usher in a period of holiday joy and celebration in the United States and several other countries around the world. But let’s take a look at this. Is it truly a joyous season? Well kind of.

For every ounce of holiday happiness, there is stress and pressure for companies to stay on top and ahead of the end of year frenzy.  In November, we have a very important holiday in Thanksgiving, and two unofficial but equally important “holidays” in Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

As a business owner, you should be aware and prepared for what’s to come. There are many factors to look at from an organizational point of view from budgets to management. For today, we will be delving in the digital world and how to maximize the strength of the internet. A healthy web-based tactic will increase conversions and produce results.

Start Strong – Finish Stronger

The first thing you need to do to start preparing for the holiday season is solidifying or changing your mindset towards overall end of the year activities. Like in any race, it’s not over until you’ve crossed the finish line.

Consumers begin looking for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals as early as October. By the time you are reading this, realize that you’ll need to step up your game and attract their attention because your competitor might already be holding weekly meetings about what to do for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. The month of November is the precursor to an even bigger month, December. The Christmas/New Years weeks have resulted in the highest holiday spendings in the United States. Take into consideration these 5 elements to be prepared for the holidays:

Fix Your Site

Its sound simple in theory but we often forget the need to take care of the systems. Take into consideration the changes made recently to your site, and also the changes that have been delayed or postponed for various reasons.

The baby steps to fixing your site are:

  • Checking the site load speed and response time
  • Revising your user interface
  • Backing up everything

Overhauling the user interface will take up resources, so proceed with caution if that is the decision. However, a new user interface can improve traffic and generate new interest for your business, product, or service.

Optimize Your Products

It’s never too late to take a second look at what you’re selling, how you’re selling it, and how it is seen by your target market and audience. You should be reviewing the fine details on your site such as:

  • Product pictures
  • Product descriptions
  • Keyword research strategy
  • Traffic driving strategies

Optimizing the pictures and descriptions will ease the decision-making process of potential buyers as they are browsing your site. The descriptions also contain keywords that can be used for SEO purposes.

Furthermore, keywords and traffic driving strategies will increase the number of potential buyers that visit your site. Once you have finished your site’s audit, it’s time to tune the fine details with the help of your design, engineering, and marketing departments.

Optimize Your Ads

You’ve reviewed the look and feel of your site. Now it’s time to think about promotion and distribution. It’s in this moment that you need to push sales on a different plane: digital advertising. Cyber Monday and Black Friday work perfectly for this because it adds a perspective of mysteriousness into buying. Millions of people are scouring the internet for the latest deals and promotions. There is more emphasis on the promotion type and product than the company itself.

To optimize your online promotion strategy you should take a deep look into:

  • Ads segmentation
  • Landing pages
  • Discount promotions performance
  • Contact forms management
  • Rescheduling ads
  • Rearranging your budgets

Segment your ads based on geographic location, salary, industry, job type, or any sort of psychographic that relates to your company or product. Landing pages and contact forms supplemented with discounts or special offers will help attract the target market into converting into clients.

Prepare Your Teams

Remember that the drive for profits is one of importance, but what purpose will the profits serve you if the morale and energy of your teams is negatively impacted? You need to prepare them with the millennial philosophy in mind of “culture of connection”.

Test your organization’s inclusion programs, excite your teams to work hard and stay on target, don’t be the disconnected boss, and be a leader instead of a boss. Don’t be afraid to show your teams that you can get your hands dirty and understand what your employees and coworkers need to stay motivated. Struggling to meet the demands of the holiday season is only something that will last for a few weeks. The morale and energy of your teams will affect your business for months and possibly more.

Praise The Efforts

Lastly, don’t forget to greet your teams and praise the effort they are putting in towards the success of the business. They fought long and hard to prepare everything and they’ll keep pushing forward towards outstanding outcomes.

Some simple ways to praise an outstanding coworker or team are:

  • Write a sincere Thank You note
  • Be public about the good work
  • Give a small gift
  • Treat the company to dinner

This short list of tips to prepare for the upcoming holiday season is created with digital purposes in mind. Use it wisely, and always remember that there are wealthy of resources and tools at your disposal online to tackle the holiday season and to elevate your teams, business, and products to another realm.

If you’ll like to know more about Holiday Season techniques don’t doubt contact us.

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