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Technology is rapidly evolving all around us, the time to adapt to a new kind of interaction is upon us, new trends bring disruption, we can only imagine what the future holds and although scary, we need to take them into consideration for growth.
You and I know no one can be ready for every aspect of change, but it’s good to understand what is coming and prepare as best you can. Now let’s take a look at the tech trends that will have a critical impact on the next couple of years, and how to leverage them for business and the day-to-day:

1.- Artificial intelligence: No, it is not all about robots, nowadays AI supports many different tools and platforms for business; from SIRI to Netflix, what you need to know is AI  is based on algorithms that can learn, programmed to predict what you, your customer, and your stakeholders want, it can be used to gain insight on your business verticals, giving you better ways to improve your marketing and sales effectiveness.

2.- The internet of things:  This concept is a name to the now growing connectivity between previously common devices to internet, from smart TV to interconnected cities. The potential of this concept relays on data, huge amounts of it, how to acquire it and effectively use it at your advantage with the sole goal of delivering value to your clients, opening yourself to new opportunities and the option of new markets.

3.-Data Science: A field in Big Data, which use and methods are based on a mix of mathematics, statistics, and information science, it exists to compress massive amounts of data through a variety of methods, analyze them, and help anyone related to them make a swift and precise analysis to improve the decision-making process in the macro level.

4.-Blockchain Technology: Mostly known for its cryptocurrency applications (yes, Bitcoin) Blockchain is a way to ensure data security, it enables transparency and collaboration through its complex systems. With the potential to become one of the key pillars of cybersecurity, forecasting, and supply chain management, which are some of the concerns of business nowadays.

5.-UI Overhauls: With the accelerated access to new display interfaces the time will come to adapt beyond today trends, assimilation of new best practices will be a must at a faster rate than ever before. The challenge and opportunity for you lie in being able to adapt to new technologies and displays in the less time possible.

6.- Data Visualization: It’s not all about graphics, and it kind of is, with Big Data and the internet of things as a driving force the need to compile and consolidate huge sets of data faster, the use of intuitive ways to interact with data has appeared, evolving hand in hand with the newest forms of technology.  To use this trend at your advantage you should find creative, compelling ways to show relevant data to your different stakeholders, whether they are clients, employees, or your board of directives give value to them by showing your KPIs in unique ways to make better decisions and valuable actions.

7.- Extended Reality: A mix of Virtual reality and Augmented Reality come together to help business interaction with clients in new immersive ways, for B2C the interaction is endless and well documented, everyone knows the efforts that are being put in action for advertising and entertainment; meanwhile, not many are talking about B2B, What happens when two organizations meet in a virtual environment to work together and seamlessly collaborate? The answer is still unknown since there is no full virtual collaboration in a virtual reality environment, the possibilities are endless.

Sooner or later these trends will solidify and turn into the driving force behind industry and economy, cascading into every part of society. The importance of understanding these trends lies in being prepared for their imminent arrival,  adapt to them, and accept their integration to any key aspects of your life and work.

Understand Your Team

Avoid the awkwardness nodding to an unfamiliar tech term.

Sometimes speaking in tech can be a burden, with obscure words that have no meaning if you don’t have the proper training, get familiar with some of the most used words used by software developers and understand your teams.

Framework: This is the canvas in which developers structure their work. Frameworks vary from each other, ho yeah there’s more than one, this is a broad concept depending on the framework you choose will be the tools and controls you’ll get on the code end and the functionalities you’ll need.

Back End: Applications, web servers, and databases. Anything that is behind the curtain and makes a website or web server run smoothly is what this term is all about.

Architecture: How your software is or will be structured, it’s important to understand that the architecture used to create your system is based on your needs. For example, if you require speed and reliability, you need to use a language that can be used for real-time computing.

Redundancy: It’s a backup, of course, I’m oversimplifying, it’s all about performance and security, its creating duplicates as fail-safe mechanisms in case a critical error occurs or in the case that data recovery is needed.

Cloud Security: Security for your cloud services, simple right?  Well…yeah, the catch is in what it includes, this ever-changing tech term is all about how you set the right policies, get the technology that suits you for your needs, and set the right controls for your architecture to be effective.

DevOps: Used to reduce the time to market a product and reduce the risk of failure to create, this process is used with collaboration in mind. Some key departments that are part of this process are quality assurance, development, and operations.

Bugs: Pesky little issues on your system, they can be small things like delays on the interface to critical errors in security. The good thing is that bugs are one of the most common issues on a new development; that is why QA engineers specialize in fixing them ASAP.

API: Stands for, Application Programming Interface, API are defined methods of communication between different software components, their sole purpose is to make easier for developers and business to create a bridge between different systems, making programming simpler and faster.

Iteration: The common definition is a repetitive process, in the software community, iteration is defined as a single development cycle of a process, these are reviewed and critiqued by the different stakeholders.

Sprint: Developing a planned amount of work in a short period of time to send for revision, like in running, the track is the project, the distance is measured in a timeframe between 2-4 weeks. It is mainly used mainly in the agile methodology.

Agile: It is a methodology,  and as such, there is no one way to do it, in fact, there are 4 variants to work this method scrum, crystal, extreme programming, and Feature Driven Development.  What makes this methodology so appealing to software developers is the clarity and progress it gives them after finishing each the different sprint iteration.


Taking time to impact the Tech Community

Technology is constantly evolving and the speed in which it changes has set urgency on how fast consumers, businesses, and facilitators adapt to it. Organizations and recruiters are setting priority on gathering the best talent pools the market has to offer in order to effectively plan for these changes.

It is to no surprise that clusters, exhilarators, hubs, and educational platforms are organizing to develop talents throughout Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and other surrounding areas. Local organizations are setting targets on providing tech entrepreneurs resources to bring their ideas to market, but few have bridged the gap to cultivate and elevate the Latino Tech Community and other communities in need.

“We need to proactively fix the talent pool by drawing in untapped talent and by creating diversity within the tech space. By not outreaching to underserved communities such as Hispanic community, women in tech, African American, and at risk youth, we in the tech industry will be at a huge disadvantage and ultimately decrease the talent pool. We need to start looking at strategies that include a global vision. I believe in technology and the power it has on changing the world, and without having people to create the technology, we will never reach its full potential.”

Josie Co-Founder of Advancio and wecancode.org Community

On October 3, 2015, Advancio was invited to attend and impact the Latino Tech Community at the Loft Coders Summit 2015. The event was presented by the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and held at the iconic University of California, Los Angeles.

Students, young entrepreneurs, and dedicated tech lovers within the Latino community, coined #LatinoCoders, were invited to showcase their projects to tech and venture entrepreneurs. Attendees also had access to incremental knowledge through workshops focused on transitioning an idea from concept to development and ultimately, deployment.

The event focused on bringing new and early stage innovators together to educate, enhance, and motivate their entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to introduce and network with presenters, judging panel, and other like minded innovators during the course of the event. Groups joined the conversation and connected for future collaborations and mentorship.

Project presentations shortly followed as teams prepared to debut their solutions to their audience and the judges. The winner had the opportunity to receive a full cycle market launch for up to one year from the support of Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

QueSee, Salon Mom, Polibeats, Amemaze, and Roadiy presented their projects to a full house at UCLA. Judges looked on as demo presentations went underway to tackle solutions in economics, beauty, government, tech, and automotive service.

The Judges were entrusted with the decision to review each project and measure elements in project life cycle, business strategy, and market impact. Additionally, judges deliberated on how each idea could be launched effectively, ability to gain market share, and have the potential to be a strong competitor in the existing marketplace. In the end, the judges exchanged thoughts and arrived at a unanimous decision.

Roadiy, a one stop shop applications aggregator for automotive dealer service was crowned the winner! You can get more information on their great product by clicking HERE

Although there was only one prize winner, everyone had the opportunity to attend and network with new and current innovators. Events like this are creating opportunities for new adopters and current tech enthusiast looking to make their mark on the market.

Organizations like the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Coding as a Second Language are disrupting educational gaps by introducing events like Loft Coders Summit to underserved communities.

Join the conversation by educating and supporting the leaders of tomorrow, and join them as they make their mark on the future.

Learning and tech resources now in Mexico

Advancio Academy

officially launched registration for its first ever Workshop Series Taller 1 “Basic for Web API’s” on June 27, 2015 in Mexico.

The program launched with the collaboration and support from the tech community of Baja California. Organizations, nonprofits, and startups came together to share the news and ultimately, sell out seats under 24 hours!

Waiting list filled up fast as fellow tech lovers joined in on the opportunity to learn new material and enhance on their development capabilities. Universities in the surrounding areas are getting on board to support students with these otherwise scarce curriculum’s.

“We wanted to solve a problem within the local tech community of Mexico by developing a platform that could enhance student and professional knowledge. The ecosystem we have built works on infusing the program with the support of local instructors, professionals, and industry leaders. We are offering multiple areas of understanding, coupled with practice sessions to give students the opportunity to gain a competitive understanding and application of material. This is just one of 8 workshops to be held and we are excited to see tech lovers gather around this program and others on the way.”

Christian Lopez Program Director

Other series are soon to follow ranging from popular languages in demand, leading industry applications, and best practices. Classes are being offered at various locations stemming from Ensenada, Tijuana, and Mexicali Mexico. Classes will be held free of cost to all antendees. A full Class list can be found @

Advancio Academy Schedule 2015

“The tech community in Mexico is strong and there is much work to be do to unite its efforts. Tech lovers are anxious to find and support platforms that will expand their talents and thinking abilities. We sought out to build a system that could cater to different areas of Mexico while keeping an organic approach to the infrastructure. We are working closely with the people that have made the first steps to develop tech groups and individuals and we are working hard to bring new events such as this one to continue the efforts.”

Josie Lopez, Advancio COO

Advancio plans on rolling out new series in the months to come and will offer multiple areas to get involved. They have opened the doors to multiple levels of sponsorship, coaching/mentoring/panels, and volunteering to name a few.

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So whether you are looking to learn a new subject, expand your knowledge on a leading technology, or simply be part of a fast changing tech community… advancio has multiple events and initiatives to get you started.

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