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WeCanCode HACK Casablanca 2015

The journey comes to Morocco

Advancio Inc, in collaboration with the WeCanCode.org community and Mundiapolis University Morocco, will host Casablanca’s first ever WCC HACK Casablanca 2015.

This first ever and historic 2 day event will house 70 participants, 3 workshops, and multiple prizes.

Casablanca is known for being the commercial hub of western Morocco, its incredible and blended architecture, and amazing talent. The city represents a promising economical and cultural movement, and has proven to be the perfect location to house this unique and one of a kind event.

Morocco is enriched with talent and tech entrepreneurs. There has been an influx of tech enthusiast hitting the market from well known institutions and organizations from both Casablanca and the surrounding areas. HACK Casablanca is meant to provide developers, engineers, webmasters, and tech entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their capabilities on a global stage. Tech innovators will play an essential role in driving business and growth in the North African Region and European Coastline. It is through these types of events that companies, supporters, and partnerships will impact the economy and build more awareness around tech adoption and integration.

Attendees will have two days of action packed learning through innovative workshops presented by Mundiapolis, meet and greets, and brainstorming sessions to get their projects on track. Day 2 will launch the official HACK sessions and attendees will have 8 hours to deliver a project, present a demo, and aim to win the covenant and first ever, HACK Casablanca Title!

Hackers will have the opportunity to take on a sponsored challenge or go for the HACK Casablanca Title with a project of their choice! The possibilities will only be limited by their imagination and the challenges they will encounter along the way. They will be armed with mentor support to code the impossible and be tested to deliver like never before.

“We believe in the IT talent of Morocco. The capacity and knowledge base are just a couple impressive attributes we have considered but it is their untapped potential that we believe can shape technology in the years to come. “It is our responsibility as tech lovers and tech believers to create these types of events in order to empower future generations. This is only one of more upcoming tools meant to develop tech leaders of tomorrow and we are excited to join the effort.”

Josie Lopez – Co founder of Advancio and the WeCanCode community.

Projects will be judged by a panel of industry leaders and local innovators on the following elements: quality and innovation of the idea, functional implementation, overall visual appeal, and overall impact.

Never before has a challenge like this been organized and introduced in Morocco. Organizers are leaving it all on the line to bring the best talents, partners, and sponsors the country has to offer. Get ready and join the march as we push to code the impossible in October.

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