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WeCanCode Coding Academy

Free Coding Classes for all

This year, we are embarking on a new journey to take our hackathons and events platform to the next level with the addition of a global coding school, the WeCanCode Academy. The academy, a “Coding for all” school, formerly known as the Advancio Academy, will be offered to students free of cost. It will take stage around the globe, and launch in the USA, Mexico, and Morocco. Over 600 students have signed up to work collectively to complete projects, work without barriers, and expand what is possible with coding and robotics classes.

What to expect

The school will commence and expand throughout locations in Mexico. Dedicated instructors and coaches will house each classroom with over 30 to 50 students in attendance. We have developed three curriculum’s for various levels of coding experiences, introduced trending and in demand disciplines, created a rewards program for students, and launched an accelerated hub within the program to encourage team building and formation for upcoming hackathons.

The Program

The program will officially launch mid-June in Northern Mexico, and be followed by coding courses in Morocco, and a “Robotics for kids” 8 week course in the USA. This time, we will increase class capacity by over 50%, provide students with a tailored curriculum for beginners, Mid-level developers, and an expert for advanced engineers. Last year, we enrolled over 400 students, and this year, we are forecasting over 800 students on the roster.

Made possible by

We have partnered and joined forces with Advancio, local Universities, tech hubs, and tech trailblazers to support the program. We are excited to announce that this year we have increased our footprint and partnerships around the world, and we are closing the gap in underserved communities.

We believe everyone should have access to tech education. In order to achieve this mission, we felt that providing free courses to learn to code and building robotics was the perfect start. By cutting the cost to join the academy, we allow innovators to enhance their current skills, and allow others to tap into a new world of possibilities.

Together, we can work collectively to develop the next generation of thought leaders and innovators, and together, we can build a platform that breaks down barriers for creation and imagination. With your support, we can empower the youth and support them on tackling their passions while amplifying their lifelong goals with the power of code.

If you would like to join the WeCanCode Hacker Community as a sponsor, partner, or mentor, please visit us at wecancode.org