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The judges panel works to crown the projects of the future

On September 12, 2015 at 6:30 pm, Judges were hard at work to determine what teams had created and executed the best projects for wecancode.org WCC HACK Tijuana 2015.

WeCanCode Organizers gathered the best possible talent at this historic and first time event in Tijuana. The group included:
Chris Lopez, Director of Marketing and Creative Strategy at Advancio, Inc., Joshua Aranda, Community Manager of Google Developers Tijuana, Claudia Basurto of Tijuana Innovadora, Dr. Adan Hirales, Researcher at Cety’s University Tijuana, Guillermo Mejia, Managing Director at Mind Hub, and Ivan Lozano, CEO of Iron Drone.

The judges had one thing in mind, to select the best possible projects while including the social impact of the region: education, government, water conservation, and social good. These impacts needed to serve the basic criteria set forth by the challenges including: Quality and Innovation of the idea, Functional Implementation, Overall Visual Appeal, and Overall Impact.

Once demo presentations had concluded, judges had to take on the task of reviewing and discussing the projects. Judges went back and forth deciding what projects had executed all the elements and which ones went above and beyond their code in just under 8 hours!

Stay tuned on the next article as we highlight the winners of this year’s first installment of WCC HACK Tijuana 2015!

Being a judge is not easy when the talent is high.

On September 12, 2015 at 4:00 pm, We Can Code Judges for WCC HACK Ensenada 2015 had their work cut out for them. Judges were tasked to choose the best of the best from a group of 120 participants and 24 teams. They focused their attention on demo presentation and overall project scope.

Local tech and entreprenuer leaders formed this multi-talented group including: Karim Jernite, Founder and CEO of Advnacio, Inc., and the wecancode.org community, Eme Morato, Co-Founder of Dev F, Luis Angel Monge, Director of technologies at Cetys Ensenada, Juan Pablo Flores, Commissioner of Major League Hacking Mexico, Michell Martinez, Founder of HUB Center Ensenada, Victor Valle, Director of Operations at LiteKey, had the tough job of deciding what projects would come out on top and be crowned the 1st, 2nd , and 3rd prize winners.

Projects were judged under the criteria of four elements including: Quality and Innovation of the idea, Functional Implementation, Overall Visual Appeal, and Overall Impact.

“I was excited to see what the teams had developed. Last year, we had amazing talent that came up with solutions for multiple problems. This year we are seeing those ideas take on new meanings and form with the introduction of hardware. For me, the judging portion was not the difficult part of the job, it was selecting the top three of many projects that I considered great. As judges, I definitely felt we had our work cut out for us but in the end, I feel we made the right decisions.”

Karim Jernite, CEO and Founder of Advancio, Inc., and the WeCanCode Community.

For kids, by kids, and for the next generation!

This year, the second installment of WCC HACK Ensenada 2015 held Tech workshops for kids powered by Advancio, Inc. and presented by El Garage and Epic Queen.

Kids from the ages of 5-13 had the opportunity to engage and interact with technology, robotics, and concept/theory building activities on September 11, 2015 from 8am to 1:30 pm at the Riviera of Ensenada.

They had the opportunity to join the festivities and join as spectators as HACKERS brainstormed and developed/refined their ideas for the MAIN HACK!

“Ensenada has created a great infrastructure and community of collaboration. The talent that exist here is remarkable and we wanted the next leaders of Ensenada, and essentially Baja California, to gain the opportunity to join an event of this stage. We wanted to open more doors and resources to kids that truly have the capacity to think beyond and provide them with a platform to do it. Our workshop introduction is just the first step to the next level of youth education and interaction, and we are truly excited to launch these presentations.”

Chris Lopez –
Lead Organizer and Global of Ambassador of wecancode.org

Parents and their children were given refreshments and snacks during the presentations and had the opportunity to join both workshops. Both workshops had been designed to provide attendees with a better understanding and exposure of overall materials including: robotic tools, tech devices, and theory/concept principles.

“We wanted the community of Ensenada and the surrounding areas to take part of these festivities and thought that this integration and presentation of these types of workshops would gather the right support from both the parents and their children. We want to empower the next generation of leaders to join events such as WCC HACK Ensenada and remember that their minds and ideas can create anything they imagine.”

Josie Lopez, Co-Founder of the wecancode.org Community