Author: David Pringle

Outsourcing has become an integral part of the IT and software development component of many U.S. companies, large and small. But for companies that outsource to India, the solution may have created more problems than it has solved. Here is why more U.S. businesses are turning to Advancio for help with nearshore outsourcing to Mexico:

  • Time zones – Regardless of your location in the U.S. you are many time zones away from India. Think of it this way: when you are getting ready to go home, they are just beginning their shift.
  • Culture – As our neighbor, the U.S. and Mexico share many cultural references, including history and food. There are only rare cultural similarities with India and this takes a toll on the outsourcing relationship.
  • Inflated talent pool – India has been undergoing a tech revolution for a long time, which is leading to a shortage of true talent. In Mexico, the commitment to becoming a leading outsource resource is just beginning and there are many highly qualified IT workers and software engineers waiting to assist you and your business.
  • Communication – Thanks to language similarities, the language barrier with Mexico is far easier to overcome than it is with India. And when working with resources in Mexico, the meaning of common English words and phrases is much closer to our own.

These are just a few of the differences between outsourcing to Mexico or India. If you’re interested in learning more, we’d like to hear from you: Just click here or call us at: (888) 407-4030.

Mexico has always been a coveted destination for Americans. Long before the spring break crowds discovered Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, American tourists made large contributions to the Mexican economy.

Today, Americans are contributing the Mexican economy in another way and reaping huge dividends in return.

The concept is “nearshore outsourcing,” a means of expanding the staff of your business with the people you need, but without the time and expense of hiring full-time people here at home. Mexico is already one of America’s largest trade partners so it makes sense that the partnership will continue to grow.

The chief benefits of outsourcing nearshore to Mexico are:

  • A growing Mexican economy – Mexico is undergoing an “ambitious reform agenda” that includes overhauls of the education, communications, transportation, and tax systems, which benefits American firms who wish to nearshore there.
  • Proximity – As a U.S. neighbor, communication is real-time and nearshore teams become a true extension of your business.
  • Expertise – As Mexico positions itself to overtake other countries as a top outsourcing option, it has developed a reliable and deep pool of ultra-talented tech labor pool that is quickly filling in the gaps in the U.S. labor pool.
  • Cost – Mexico provides expert talent at a fraction of the cost of U.S. labor. This goes directly to your bottom line.
  • Cultural exchanges – Across the U.S. and Mexico, there are overlapping cultural influences that help reduce the “foreign” feel that comes with outsourcing to countries such as India, China, or the Philippines.

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