WeCanCode comes to Tijuana for 2015

First installment of WCC HACK Tijuana set to launch

Advancio, Inc., in collaboration with The WeCanCode community, bring you the first installment of WCC HACK Tijuana 2015. This first of its kind event will house 70 participants, a 8 hour hack session, demo presentation, and a closing ceremony full of selfies! The event is powered by advancio.com and has been organized with the efforts of the local community, organizations, education institutes, and leaders of Tijuana, Mexico.

This time, the challenge will be to code the impossible by coding the world!

HACKERS will have the opportunity to choose a few areas of focus including government, education, water conservation, and sponsored challenges. They will also have the option to take on their own projects and use their imagination to develop a project with no restrictions.

“For us, Tijuana is the perfect region to take the We Can Code community to the next level and launch WCC HACK Tijuana 2015. Organizations like Tijuana Innovadora, GDG Tijuana, and other curators of entrepreneurs and talent innovators have made the collaborations seamless for us to integrate the next frontier in this already thriving community.”

Chris Lopez
Lead Organizer and Global Ambassador of wecancode.org

WCC Hack Tijuana will be hosted at the iconic location of Cety’s University, Tijuana. Hackers will gather to create the most innovative projects seen while gaining the best environment to do so!

This year the wecancode.org community has collaborated with Major League Hacking to present “Hardware Tech Labs” for hardware and software developers. Hackers will have access to myo, jawbone, oculus rift, and pebble hacker units brought by the people at pebble!

“We have received incredible support from the community, our partners, and sponsors to make this event possible. We believe an event like this can provide resources and access to the already amazing talent that resides is this great city. I am excited to bring the next chapter to Tijuana and I look forward in taking our community to the next level with this installment.”

Karim Jernite, Founder of the Wecancode.org Community

The stakes couldn’t be higher and the bragging rights will be on the line for the ultimate prize, WCC HACK Tijuana TITLE!

Get ready, this is going to be historic!


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