Third Time is the Charm

WeCanCode Hackathon Mexico Closes with a Bang!

For the third consecutive year, advancio has partnered with the WeCanCode Community to power WeCanCode Hackathon Mexico. Anticipation for the main event was high as attendees lined up to get their special seat for one of the few 24-hour hackathons in Mexico. This time around, the community introduced a new batch of hardware technologies from WeCanCode Tech Labs. Teams were given access to innovative hardware including Oculus Headset, 3d Printer, Drones, VR, Myo, Leap Motion, Muse Headset, Rasberry Pi, Robotics, and Arduino. With over 150 in attendance and enough snacks to build a fortress, staff was ready to take on the challenge and deliver the best Hackathon Mexico had to offer.

Planning a hackathon of this size was no easy task. The supporting staff worked around the clock to ensure teams had an atmosphere charged with energy and motivation. The crew ramped up the crowd and led the charge with music, games, snacks, and caffeine! One of the biggest challenges was keeping the teams awake and fully functional for 24 hours. See how Day 1 and Day 2 unfolded for one of the biggest events in Mexico.

DAY 1 Team formation and project development commences

On September 23 and 24, 2016 teams were tasked to build like never before in the city of Baja California, Ensenada. Students, local tech startups, and regional teams came together at Cetys University Ensenada to bring down the house with innovative projects. For the second year, teams had the option to work with hardware to develop smart devices, hardware solutions, and jaw-dropping software solutions. The challenge was to create a project that could revolutionize and disrupt the tech community while ultimately, stamping Mexico as a leading tech hub.

Hackathons are organized to bring the best teams together to build an ecosystem for collaboration and teamwork. Organizers worked collectively to ensure this theme remained consistent throughout the event. Teams had the option to form before the event or wait to be paired during the event. The coaching lineup was stacked with industry professionals, local innovators, and innovators in the tech space. Additionally, coaches were on hand to mentor, motivate, provide tech alternatives, and business insight. After teams had a solid idea and framework, they worked on designating and assigning key roles. With so much on the line, teams had to bring their best game to the table and conquer the code and pressure.

Once teams had set their target on a project, technology, and assigned roles, the building phase went into full effect. Designers worked to set up shop to produce UX/UI visuals, while developers worked on backend and front end specifications. Hardware geeks worked around the clock researching and testing their devices. As nightfall approached, teams were supercharged with energy drinks, snacks, dinner and tournaments to keep the momentum flowing. For some teams, the night proved to be just another day of normal business while others, took a break to recharge. Each team took on a different strategy to bring their project one step closer to completion, and one thing was certain, they were destined to take their ideas from concept to completion at all cost.

Everyone pushed through the night and found time to check out the tech labs to see the 3d printer, drones, and oculus rifts in action. The retro and super neat Mortal Kombat arcade booth were a night favorite and gamers made it their business to conquer the leaderboard. To keep the energy going, dinner was served at midnight and offered attendees a buffet of items including fan favorites: pizza and hot dogs. If that were not enough, teams had the option to take up shop and stretch their legs on the terrace overlooking a scenic view of Ensenada.

DAY 2 – Tired but not defeated, teams sprint towards the finish line

On Day 2, teams started to show signs of fatigue, but they carried on with their heads held high. Giving up was not an option as coaches, judges, volunteers, and spectators gathered around in solidarity to cheer the teams on. With an energy drink in one hand and coding in the other, developers worked to finish their last lines of code. As the final hours came to a close, coaches focused on providing project management support in the final sprints.

As the last minutes came around the corner, teams huddled and worked diligently to wrap up. Everything was left out on the line and in the end, there would only be 3 that could be crowned this year’s WeCanCode Hackathon Mexico 2016 Winners. DRUM ROLL…

1st Prize winners, Team The Sheleros and their project Bluethalyzer

1st Prize winners came from team The Sheleros which brought the Bluethalyzer, a device that detects alcohol levels and contacts a ride sharing application if levels exceed legal limits. David Gutierrez, Jose Manuel Gallegos, Juan Zheng Wu, Juan De La Cerda, and Thomas Simpson worked to bring a solution to the Latino Market in order to decrease accidents on the road. By building an app that could potentially save lives and protect citizens, the judges felt that the market and community could be impacted locally and globally.

2nd Prize winners, Team NULL and their project Routify

2nd Prize winners came from our very own Team NULL which brought Routify, a share your location app. Paul Cervantes, Daniel Trujillo, Alberto Castro, Sergio Castelan, and Stephanie Morineau aimed to make the traveling experience more user-friendly with combined GPS tracking and destination notifications.

3rd Prize winners, Team La Cochera and their project Help Stick

3rd Prize winners came from Team La Cochera which brought us Help Stick, a Smart Iot Cane with GPS tracking. Hector Saul Cardenas Polcayo, Jonathan Flores, and Jezer Garcia wanted to make the usage of canes smarter by embedding an auto tracking mechanism to ensure added destination safety for its user’s by a touch of a button and interfacing app.

Although only three teams came out on top as prize winners, many teams worked hard to build their projects and in many respects, came out as winners. The amount of energy, dedication, perseverance, and production that was developed under 24 hours proved that Baja California is a force to be reckoned with. We would like to thank the following teams for taking on the challenge to shape Mexico as a leading location for exceptional talent, and for working tirelessly to bring their projects to the world.

WeCanCode Hackathon Mexico 2016 Class

Fixcit, AR Remote, Cacha Baches, CambioMapa, H! Test, Happtos, Hollywood nights, Los Rookies, Plubber, QuimiKart, Safe Trip, Sportice, VideoWatch.Me, and NinJavatars.

Special Thanks to the Sponsors, Judges, Coaches, and Staff

The WeCanCode Community is a melting pot of talent that includes engineers, programmers, designers, and entrepreneurs to name a few. The goal of the event was to gather a lineup of professionals, educators, and visionaries that could elevate the teams to the next level. They answered the call to provide teams with incremental knowledge and insight that ultimately, left a lasting impression. We would like to thank the following Judges and Coaches for taking the time to serve their community and for pledging to make the event an experience to be remembered.

Sponsors: Advancio, DataWind, Cetys University Ensenada, Dev F., GDG Tijuana, Domain.Me, Redbull, Backyard Studios, StickerMule, Uber, Devpost, Ensenada Ayudamiento, and LKMX.

Judges: Karim Jernite Advancio, Eme Morato Dev F, Victor Valle LKMX, Josue Lopez Cetys University, and Majahide Payan Cetys University.

Coaches: Penelope and America Lopez, Luis Eduardo Jimenez, Hector Amaral, Adrian Lozano, Jorge Magana, Veronica Flint, Javier Gonzalez, Abril Montes, Eliot Aranda, and Luis Angel Monje


We set out to work and power events that could gather the best talent the country had to offer and this time around, we exceeded what was possible in Mexico. We continue to work to push the envelope and build a future of innovators, teams, and projects. As we look forward into the future, we must recognize the power of events like WeCanCode Hackathon Mexico, and the thriving tech communities like it.

With your support, they can continue to reshape and innovate regions around the world, and impact the local economy. If you have made it this far, we would like to thank you for reading, and hope that you will join us on the next one!

If you have made it this far, we would like to thank you for reading, and hope that you will join us on the next one!

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