Advancio talks diversity and Tech growth in Mexico

Bringing technology and women together

On April 23, 2015 Advancio COO, Josie Lopez joined the 1st edition of Epic Queen Chapter Ensenada at Hub Center with the theme “Successful Women in technology companies.” Keynote speakers included Josie Lopez (Co Founder and COO of Advancio), Elizabeth Flores (Developer of Nearsoft Software), and Eliza Luhrs ( Leader of testing in Softek).

The central focus of the event was to showcase women in the tech space world and advocate diversity and growth trends in the years to come. Entrepreneurs and industry experts discussed the importance of joining the industry and the opportunities currently available for growth.

A few key highlights included the continuous growth the industry has experienced and the platforms startups and business alike have created to harvest such unique, adaptable, and excellent talent.

Josie highlighted this effort by discussing the importance of great talent, and the ability for companies to keep their team engaged for the long run through providing continuous educational opportunities, personal development, and motivational models.

“Motivation has everything to do with creating the next big thing for any industry and the world. In order for an idea to give launch, it needs to be carried by great people”

Josie invited entrepreneurs, individual champions, and community/group advocates to gather around this need and opportunity for tech growth.

“Mexico is working diligently to close the gap and ensure it can be a forefront runner in the tech space. Ensenada is one of the newer Cities to adopt this culture but has done an amazing job bringing and building talent centralized around technology.”

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