Advancio Organizes Series of Development Workshops

Advancio Academy Summer Workshop Series – 2015

Los Angeles, Ca. – In Summer 2015, Advancio, Inc., will launch its first series of Development Workshops organized by the Advancio Academy. The purpose of the series is to strengthen the talent pool of the local community and inspire others to join the movement.


The Series will have a set of 8 workshops spread through the Ensenada, Mexicali and Tijuana regions of Baja California Mexico.

The Series aims to develop workshops that will enrich the local talent with languages, platforms, & API’s that are not used in their daily coding lives. Topics being discussed to be include in the series are Angular JS, WebRTC, Ruby, etc.

Advancio Academy is in the preparation phases of the launch and would love to have everyones feedback before launching the series live. It would be appreciated if anyone who is interested in attending would fill out the survey listed below.

“There is a great demand for qualified, diverse, and seasoned talent in the industry,” said Josie Lopez, Chief Operations Officer and Technology enthusiast at Advancio, Inc. “Advancio has long recognized this and has formed Advancio Academy and the Summer 2015 Workshop Series to proactively ignite learning. This will enrich our local talent and make them a force to be reconned with in the international market.” 

“Events like these spark momentum for more innovation in Mexico by bringing the community together,” said Karim Jernite, CEO for Advancio.

The series will begin June 2015 so stay tuned!

About Advancio is a Los Angeles based software development firm that has production centers around the world. Advancio supports transformational ideas that promote quality coding, advance technology innovation, engage communities and foster talent. “Our core values gives us a strong sense of stewardership to the community surrounding all of our production centers. When we see the opportunity to give back we don’t hesitate to act.  We have the opportunity to encourage and empower youth and professionals in Mexico and around the world to build great things that can one day change the way we live. The workshops will only ignite curiosity on different technologies and inspire developers to  become the authors of their own future through connection, technology, and exchange.” said Josie. For more information, please visit WeCanCode Development Community.


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