With over 74 million websites of all sizes and types on the WordPress platform, it’s no mystery why it can be found powering over 28% of all the existing websites in the world.

WordPress is sometimes underrated for the great support it gives to small and medium-sized businesses. The flexibility it offers has led companies such as Sony and Forbes to adopt this simple yet powerful content management system (abbreviated as CMS), a testament to WordPress’ great stability and support.

In 2017, WordPress observed at least 44,622 registered plugins. Many plugins operate on the freemium business model, which grants free users a restricted amount of features and unlocks all features for paid users. There are also many plugins that are completely free, and also some that can only be used after paying. In this crowded and dense sea of plugins, we’ve picked 10 of the best plugins that will offer the best usability and lead generation for any company or business.

TinyMCE Advanced

This plugin has neither the flash nor the flair or some other notable plugins. Nonetheless, with more than 2 million active installations, it is clear that this plugin is a favorite. TinyMCE is an editing and formatting plugin that will give you and your content creators have an easier time when creating unique pages, blog posts, and archive pages.

TinyMCE offers flexibility and support to the standard WordPress text editor. It’s great for sites that use themes that don’t inherently give you the ability to use font sizes, font family, text or backgrounds colors, or tables. The plugin adds file editing buttons and a submenu for CSS classes.

Beyond editing functionalities, some extra features of this great plugin are:

  • Support for creating and editing tables
  • More options when creating lists
  • Ability to search and replace words in the editor
  • Ability to set font family and font sizes

Optin Forms

There are many different methods and plugins designed to interact with website visitors and ask them for their email. Optin Forms is a simple yet effective plugin that allows website admins to add opt-in forms to any page. It even has integration with pop up generators. However, what separates Optin Forms from other plugins that relatively fulfill the same purpose is its unlimited connectivity to a popular email marketing services.

Optin Forms works with the following email solutions:

  • AWeber
  • iContact
  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse
  • MadMimi
  • Interspire Email Marketer
  • ConvertKit

Contact Form 7

There are other contact form plugins that are easier to use, but few offer as much power to the user as Contact Form 7. This plugin, like Optin Forms, boasts connectivity like no other. Connectivity to CRM services such as Salesforce and Agile CRM is this plugin’s bread and butter. It is also compatibility with Ajax, CAPTCHA, Akismet Anti-Spam, and many more.

It should be important to note that this plugin does NOT:

  • Track users in the background
  • Save user personal data to its database
  • Send data to external servers
  • Use cookies

All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Regardless of the size of your company, you should be looking into the realm of search engine optimization (SEO). For this specific purpose and to optimize to the popular schema markup, I recommend you the use of All in One Schema Rich Snippets.

This plugin facilitates and helps in the creation of rich snippets, which is essentially a short summary of your site, posts, and metadata to be displayed on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and sometimes the newsfeed of Facebook.  Rich snippets are important to google and bing to create the sought rich cards in different search engines, Look for All In One Schema Rich Snippets.


Security is extremely important in this day and age. With so many websites utilizing the WordPress platform, hackers and malicious individuals can easily target millions of websites just by looking for exploits in WordPress. Jetpack brings a massive amount of features for design, marketing, and security in one convenient plugin.

The features that you get access to when installing Jetpack are designed to enhance your site against:

  • Brute force attacks
  • Lack of information
  • Lack of customization tools

Jetpack is designed to help you create a better site.         

Some of the tools that you gain access to are free templates different types of sites. You also gain customization tools such as a content delivery network, and seamless integration with WordPress mobile apps.

For your marketing needs, you get a very wide set of tools such as:

  • Social media posting and scheduling in advance
  • Related content and site search
  • SEO tools or Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress
  • PayPal payment buttons

Wordfence Security

This plugin offers enterprise-level security for free. Wordfence keeps track of everything malicious trying to attack your site. With a built-in firewall and malware scanner, Wordfence Security is the go-to plugin for site security.

Wordfence is powered by constant updates from their threat defense feed. Real-time data lets you know how are you being attacked and the tools to shield your site against attacks are readily available.

Other features you get from WordFence are:

  • View Google crawl activity
  • View logins and logouts
  • View human visitors
  • Monitor disk space
  • Get Detailed IP Info

Updraftplus WordPress Backup Plugin

WordPress has the function to create backups, but it lacks the capacity to schedule regular backups. Fortunately, UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin can be used make backups directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, UpdfraftVault, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, DreamObjects, OpenStack Swift, and email.

Take into consideration that uploading new plugins, modifying fonts, or uploading content can all potentially cause issues for websites or servers. Prepare in advance by creating consistent backups for crashes, security flaws, or hacks.

Purchasing the paid version of this plugin also grants backup compatibility to:

  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Backblaze B2
  • SFTP
  • SCP
  • WebDav

Yoast SEO

You could say that the SEO plugin market is saturated. The difference between Yoast SEO and the rest of the pack is the support. Yoast developers constantly strive to provide the best toolset for anything and everything SEO related. Their mission is to bring your company to the top of the search engine results and it is evident in the supported features and abilities.

Some of the features that come with Yoast are:

  • XML sitemap functionality
  • Control over site breadcrumbs
  • Canonical URLs
  • Title and meta description templating

Yoast has been around since 2008 and is still receiving constant revisions to keep it running smoothly and up to date with today’s search engines. With Yoast, you can:

  • Set cornerstone content
  • Integrate with Google Search Console
  • Manage SEO roles
  • Utilize bulk editor

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