Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM services in the world and it would be almost near impossible for you to meet someone who has never heard of Salesforce. It’s quite the force to be reckoned with because it possesses a substantial amount of extremely potent and unique tools and services that are designed to help your company be faster, smarter, and more accurate.

Understanding what makes Salesforce so strong begins with the fact that it is a cloud-based CRM service with case, task, and workflow management. This means data and interactions are stored in the cloud and don’t require IT specialists or teams to set up the systems. This also means for quick configuration, updates, and collaborations.

Once you understand the power of the cloud, start delving into cloud computing, CRM fundamentals, and how to maximize both for full power.

1. It’s All About Speed

In today’s business environment, speed is essential. This means the speed of thought, action, and development. Salesforce is designed to simplify and empower your sales teams, creating the right environment for your company to stay connected on the back end of your sales and to manage clients at all points of contact. In this regard, Salesforce utilizes their Lightning platform to enable users to build and customize apps with quick and easy to use drag and drop components. In other words, you do not need to have a developer background to start building or customizing apps to fit your needs.

To be more specific, the Lightning platform was built to quickly deliver customization to:

  • App connections
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Team collaboration

2. Lightning Empowers Your Work

There is a reason why Salesforce chose to name the service ‘Lightning.’ The Lightning experience is a redesigned interface for Salesforce that has been reiterated to produce a polished and highly functional version that can be used across the numerous versions of Salesforce. This redesign is to enhance and increase work productivity across the platform. The name reflects its speed and efficiency.

To learn more about the Lightning experience, you can participate in Salesforce’s own training boot camp called Trailhead. Some of the Trailhead courses that you will be able to participate in are:

3. Information Equals Connectivity

For a long time, analytics were treated as part of a company’s secrets. Salesforce pushes an organization’s ability to stay connected on an equal plane by allowing access to all company systems analytics for anybody with a Salesforce account within that company.

This allows for better communication between departments and strategic business units. In other words, this means that not only the sales and marketing departments but also production, customer service, finance, development, etc. The phrase “information is power” is very much a reality in this day and age and Salesforce is a prime example of why. With great access comes great responsibility and freedom.

4. You Can Customize Your Salesforce Systems

Salesforce features an online marketplace called the Salesforce AppExchange. It offers over 2,000 free and paid applications and add-ons that you can download and install to further customize Salesforce to fit your company. On top of the already created apps and add-ons, you can connect your Salesforce system to third-party tools.

You also have the ability to create your own custom apps and add-ons, but of course you will need to have programming skills or a development team to bring to life the add-on ideas that you have. Thankfully, the internet is a great resource for building upon your programming skills or to find a development team.

5. You Can Always Hire a Consultant

Having said all this, to have a smooth transition towards a near perfect Salesforce system requires setup, transferring historical data, implementation and maintaining Salesforce. These processes tend to be time-consuming, extremely expensive and highly technical for small to medium organizations that do not have a consolidated IT team that can assign resources to make the changes needed to integrate with the organization.

You can always hire a certified Salesforce consultant that will alleviate these issues. A consultant will not only be able to handle the implementation, configuration, and customization portions but in some cases also provide around-the-clock support and custom development services.

The decision on how you want to move towards the next step of your IT and business strategy is up to you. Salesforce serves a very unique purpose for any organization. The power it grants you should be used with very controlled steps and this starts with having an orderly and smooth setup.

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