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These are the 11 Tech Terms that can Help you Understand Your Development Teams 

Sometimes speaking in tech can be confusing, with obscure words that have no meaning if you don’t have the proper training, get familiar with some of the most used words used by software developers and understand your teams. 

Avoid the awkwardness of nodding to an unfamiliar tech term

Framework: This is the canvas on which developers structure their work. Frameworks vary from each other, ho yeah there’s more than one, this is a broad concept depending on the framework you choose will be the tools and controls you’ll get on the code end and the functionalities you’ll need. 

Back End: Applications, web servers, and databases. Anything that is behind the curtain and makes a website or web server run smoothly is what this term is all about. 

Architecture: How your software is or will be structured, it’s important to understand that the architecture used to create your system is based on your needs. For example, if you require speed and reliability, you need to use a language that can be used for real-time computing. 

Redundancy: It’s a backup, of course, I’m oversimplifying. It’s all about performance and security, it’s creating duplicates as fail-safe mechanisms in case a critical error occurs or in the case that data recovery is needed. 

Cloud Security: Security for your cloud services, simple right?  Well…yeah, the catch is in what it includes, this ever-changing tech term is all about how you set the right policies, get the technology that suits you for your needs, and set the right controls for your architecture to be effective. 

DevOps: Used to reduce the time to market a product and reduce the risk of failure to create, this process is used with collaboration in mind. Some key departments that are part of this process are quality assurance, development, and operations. 

Bugs: Pesky little issues on your system, they can be small things like delays on the interface to critical errors in security. The good thing is that bugs are one of the most common issues on new development; that is why QA engineers specialize in fixing them ASAP. 

API: Stands for, Application Programming Interface, API are defined methods of communication between different software components, their sole purpose is to make easier for developers and business to create a bridge between different systems, making programming simpler and faster. 

Iteration: The common definition is a repetitive process, in the software community, iteration is defined as a single development cycle of a process, these are reviewed and critiqued by the different stakeholders. 

Sprint: Developing a planned amount of work in a short period of time to send for revision, like in running, the track is the project, the distance is measured in a timeframe between 2-4 weeks. It is mainly used mainly in the agile methodology. 

Agile: It is a methodology,  and as such, there is no one way to do it, in fact, there are 4 variants to work this method scrum, crystal, extreme programming, and Feature Driven Development.  What makes this methodology so appealing to software developers is the clarity and progress it gives them after finishing each the different sprint iteration. 

These software development tech terms will help you understand some of the key topics of discussion between your tech coworkers and friends. The tech slang can be difficult to understand if you are new to the industry or are a software engineer in training. Let us know what you think of this list in the comments. Which others would you add?


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